Working with SAE

The SAE team includes industry experts and creative thinkers who combine proven technologies with new and innovative ways of doing business. We’re proud of our successes, our customer satisfaction, our expertise and our record of safety and operational excellence.

At SAExploration, we look for people with initiative first and foremost – both close to home and across our global areas of operation. In every case, we strive to cultivate an environment that helps our employees reach their full potential.

The global SAExploration family includes a wide variety of industry experts and creative thinkers who work together to merge proven tools and techniques with new and innovative ways of doing business. Despite the diverse backgrounds of our employees, they all share a commitment to SAE’s core values of integrity, respect, honesty and reliability.

Everything we do at SAExploration begins and ends with our people. From remote field workers to the executive team, all employees share a commitment to SAExploration’s core values:

• Our business is built on integrity, respect, honesty and reliability
• Safety and attention to the environment are paramount in everything we do
• Reliability and high quality data is the promise we deliver to our customers
• Our strength comes from our energetic and professional team