Shallow Water OBN

Our expertise in multiple shallow-water settings, prepares our team members with tools, training and methodologies designed to meet a vast spectrum of surveying requirements and operating safely and respectful of the environment.

For the typical offshore OBN survey, tuned airgun arrays, which release high-pressure compressed air into the water column, are used as the acoustic energy source and a quantity of OBN units consisting of 4-components (hydrophone + 3 orthogonal geophones) are deployed to record the minimum survey offset requirements.

Typically, these types of surveys require several thousand nodes because these areas are either, sizeable in scope or the image requires denser receiver spatial sampling, or both, so the nodes are typically deployed and recovered tethered to a high-strength synthetic rope (NOAR, Node-On-A-Rope) for handling efficiency purposes. For additional crew efficiency gains, multiple specialized node handling vessels and/or multiple purposed-built source vessels can be incorporated into the operation.

In areas with deeper waters that comprise of production facilities or environmentally sensitive areas, remotely operated vehicles can be also utilized for a more precise and safer deployment and recovery of the ocean bottom nodes. In other shallow-water regions where shallow-water shoals or islands exist, it may be necessary to incorporate SAExploration’s transition-zone techniques to achieve the required image and objectives.


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