At SAExploration, we bring decades of meaningful and specialized experience derived from our work in a variety of unique and logistically challenging environments worldwide. We have an exceptional track record in difficult terrain and heavily cultivated areas. In all environments and in all professional settings, we strive to reduce the risk for all parties involved where you are acquiring a client’s project by recognizing and respecting that local communities are interested parties in the project.

The comprehensive planning and design of a geophysical program is critical, complex and an area in which SAExploration excels. Our team of experts brings years of experience and uses the latest software to ensure that the most efficient design is used to meet geophysical objectives.

Any successful geophysical program begins with a comprehensive project plan. At SAExploration, our mission is to help our clients reduce the risk and cost of exploration by collaborating to develop solid strategies from scratch, regardless of scope, geographic region or technical challenge.

Our teams excel in resource planning and logistics to ensure the best possible performance. We pay special attention to details, including budget, time and equipment requirements to make the best possible geophysical survey, maintain high standards and deliver superior data.

SAExploration has extensive experience in survey and line cutting services using the latest tools and technologies to ensure data accuracy, secure access for field equipment and minimal environmental impact. GIS staff and the on-site survey team provide up-to-date information and maps to support drilling and registration operations, as well as advance project reporting.

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