AquaVib Marine Vibrator

The SAE AquaVib Marine Vibrator is a towable marine source that generates seismic energy equivalent to airguns, at significantly reduced sound pressure levels, and at frequencies below the hearing range of most marine species.

The AquaVib subarray consists of two Triton vibrators and one lower frequency Subtone, each with different response characteristics and resonant frequencies. Advanced controller systems can enable precise acoustic output, while providing real-time feedback to ensure high levels of acoustic quality control. AquaVib is designed for water depths as shallow as one-meter, delivering performance and reliability in challenging transition-zones, lakes and shallow-water OBN surveys.


  • Bandwidth control enables overall lower signal level output.
  • Multiple-second sweep duration markedly reduces instantaneous sound pressure levels.
  • Meets updated NOAA guidelines for TTS and PTS.

OnSEIS™ Synchronized Impulsive Source Vehicles

The SAE OnSEIS™ Synchronized Impulsive Source Vehicle delivers the energy generation capabilities of larger trucks in a highly maneuverable form factor. The compact size and light weight of OnSEIS vehicles enables operation within 15 feet of most structures, while the rubber treads exert ground pressure equivalent to human footsteps to minimize environmental impact.

OnSEIS units are available with single or dual sources, increasing both acquisition design flexibility and access to challenging terrains.


  • No ghosting, no harmonics
  • 15 ft. offsets
  • 10 ft. wide lines
  • 5 psi ground pressure
  • Stackable energy
  • Repeatable signature