Transition Zone

In these areas where land and water join, the elements of both onshore and offshore surveying techniques are employed. Transition-zone seismic data acquisition is similar to shallow-water applications in that both hydrophones and geophones are deployed with small, purposely built shallow-draft vessels and our specialized source vessels and the acoustic source would be configured to address the depth variations typical in these shallow-water settings.

Due these shallower water depths, the use of many small handling vessels and manual labor are required to deploy and retrieve receivers. For these reasons, extensive survey planning is required to ensure a cost-effective operation so that all aspects are orchestrated in a safe and homogenous manner.

In transition-zone areas consisting of areas with an extended beach, swamp or marsh, explosives can be applied as an acoustic source to contribute to image offshore or combining the deployment of land sensors are also a possibility to extend imaging onshore through the transition-zone. SAExploration has a vast amount of experience in these types of environments which will translate to a savings in both time and money.

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