Dynamite and Heliportable

At SAExploration, we bring decades of significant and specialized expertise borne from our work in a variety of unique and logistically challenging environments around the world. We have an exceptional track record across harsh terrain and heavily cultured areas. In all environments and in every operation, we strive to reduce risk to all parties involved where a client’s project is being acquired by recognizing and respecting that both the local communities are important stakeholders in the project.

SAE has further proven expertise with remote heliportable operations. Flying more than 30,000 hours incident free over the past four years with proven equipment, techniques and a focus on training to ensure project success.

Our teams share best practices across all regions to ensure maximum efficiency and consistent quality for our client projects. Most key SAExploration team members are cross-trained on different projects in different regions, enabling them to bring a unique depth and diversity of experience to a given project. We are widely recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and innovative geophysical contractors in the world.

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