SAExploration seamless integration or our acquisition crews and design geophysicists will produce an excellent finished product.SAExploration vessels are supplied survey-ready to meet geophysical industry standards for 4D-Grade data recording.SAExploration configures certified DP-2 classed Construction Support Vessels equipped for twin work-class ROV operations.SAExploration TZ40 series cable-node handling and utility vessel. Used in shallow water depths.


SAExploration was built from scratch by a team of some of the most experienced professionals in the seismic industry. A product of innovation, commitment and hard work, SAE is the leading provider of seismic services in South America.

In 2006, SAExploration began operating in Peru as Exploración Sudamericana.

Built from scratch by a team of some of the most experienced people in the seismic industry, SAE combined innovation, commitment and hard work to become the leading service provider in South America.


The company begins operations and opens the South America Exploration seismic acquisition services office in Lima, Peru.


Seismic experience in the jungle taken to Colombia, South America. The Bogotá office opens.


Further expansion of the seismic experience of the jungle with the establishment of operations in Papua New Guinea. Offices are opened in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and Brisbane, Australia.


The expansion of South America continues with the opening of a seismic operations office in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


South American Exploration changes its name and SAExploration is incorporated in Delaware, United States.


SAExploration establishes seismic operations in North America with the acquisition of Datum Exploration in Calgary, Canada and Northern Exploration Services in Anchorage, Alaska.


SAExploration establishes Calgary, Canada, as the headquarters in North America.


The expansion of Southeast Asia continues with a legal entity established in New Zealand. Seismic operations office opens in New Plymouth, New Zealand.


SAE takes its seismic jungle experience to Brazil. The legal entity is established in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


The seismic operations of the North American and Canadian headquarters move to a new office space in Calgary, Canada.


SAExploration becomes a publicly traded company in the NASDAQ Capital Market with the symbol SAEX.


The corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas was established.