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GeoTomo LLC is proud to announce they have completed the purchase of the ETHOS™ seismic processing software IP and source code from SAExploration, Inc. and have also formed an alliance to provide SAExploration seismic data processing services when required. This alliance will leverage the companies’ respective strengths in Seismic Data Acquisition and Data Processing to provide upstream oil and gas operators a seamless integrated subsurface imaging solution for both land and marine.
GeoTomo will market and license the ETHOS™ seismic processing package along with its other suite of surface and borehole seismic software products. GeoTomo will also use ETHOS™ in its data processing service business. ETHOS™ brings an exciting new level of services and software capabilities to GeoTomo.
GeoTomo now have a fully comprehensive seismic software and services portfolio, encompassing marine, ocean bottom seismic (OBS) and land processing; borehole and crosswell seismic; multi-component and 4D.
SAExploration offers a full range of geophysical acquisition services from design, permitting, data acquisition, registration and analysis of field data quality, as well as mobilization and demobilization of camps, environmental assessment, community relations and logistics services onshore. SAExploration also offers marine geophysical acquisition services, specialized in ocean floor seismic (OBS) with capacities ranging from tidal zones, transition zones, shallow and deep water.

Contact Info:
Darin Silvernagle

GeoTomo develops and offers high-end geophysical software products and provides advanced data processing services that help geophysicists around the world to image the near-surface and subsurface in areas with rough topography, complex near-surface, and complex subsurface. These products and services include TomoPlusTM; near-surface imaging & statics solutions, GeoThrustTM & ETHOSTM; advanced anisotropic time and depth imaging, VECONTM; VSP and surface seismic modeling and survey design, MiVuTM; microseismic data processing, GeoVSTM; VSP seismic data processing, TIPSTM; integration of petrophysics and seismic.

Contact Info:
James Jackson
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