January 18, 2022

EnerGeo Alliance Unites Energy and Geoscience Industries to Advance Energy Access Worldwide

International Alliance renames to reflect its commitment to the energy evolution as it continues to serve its

members’ need of discovering, developing and delivering global mainstay, low-carbon and alternative

energy needs.

Houston, Texas, U.S. – The International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC) proudly

revealed its new name, the EnerGeo Alliance (“EnerGeo”) today. Uniting the energy and geoscience

industries, the name change conveys a recharged and ongoing commitment to providing solutions for the

energy evolution as its members continue to discover, develop, and deliver the mainstay, low-carbon and

alternative energy the world demands. EnerGeo and its members help countries meet their energy needs

and progress to the next step of their energy evolution.

EnerGeo Alliance will continue representing its members across 50 countries, bringing unmatched global

expertise and knowledge to the industry by guiding informed policy decisions on the process of energy

exploration, operations, and production. As a trusted leader in science-based regulatory information and

advocacy for energy companies and energy explorers, as well as the governments that regulate them,

EnerGeo is positioned as the voice of the energy geoscience industry through its regional and global


“This pivotal time period in the global energy evolution marks a need for change and an opportunity for us

to become the EnerGeo Alliance,” Nikki Martin, President of the EnerGeo Alliance said. “This new name

reflects our commitment to delivering solutions at a critical time in history with higher energy demands

from growing economies and evolving energy standards from developed nations pushing this

transformation forward.”

Alongside the EnerGeo Alliance name, the organization now boasts a new member category of Regional

Industry Partners, in addition to Professional Services; Entrepreneur; and Individual Consultant that were

announced late last year to further promote the broader energy geoscience industry. The expansion of

EnerGeo’s offering sets goals for accelerating value within the industry by generating new investment

opportunities – including low-carbon solutions – and additional scientific, technical, and legal analysis to

support member operations.

“We are excited to expand upon our organization’s deep history of providing reliable global advocacy and

resources for our dedicated members,” Martin added. “As the world continues to evolve, the EnerGeo

Alliance will maintain its mission of raising the energy geoscience industry’s visibility as an irreplaceable

partner in the energy evolution and leading the way for the safe exploration and development of a wide

range of environmentally responsible energies ranging from low-carbon to hydrocarbons”.


About the EnerGeo Alliance

Founded in 1971, the EnerGeo Alliance is a global trade association for the energy geoscience industry,

the intersection where earth science and energy meet. Providing solutions to revolutionize the energy

evolution, the EnerGeo Alliance and its member companies span more than 50 countries, representing

onshore and offshore survey operators and acquisition companies, energy data and processing

providers, energy companies, equipment and software manufacturers, industry suppliers, service

providers, and consultancies. Together, our member companies unify to open the gateway to the safe

discovery, development and delivery of mainstay sources of energy, alternative energy and low-carbon

energy solutions that meet our growing world’s needs.

Media Contact

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EnerGeo Alliance, VP of Communications & External Affairs

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