SAExploration has extensive experience in survey and line cutting services utilizing the latest tools and technologies . SAE vibrators range from 15,000-80,000 pounds and using Source Driven Shooting techniques we average more than 10,000 VPs day. SAExploration’s efficiency across challenging environments provides superior quality geophysical data processing services


At SAExploration, our steadfast commitment to the safety and productivity of our people is rivalled only by our mandate to protect the delicate global regions in which they work.

SAE is committed to maintaining a healthy environment by taking a preventative approach towards potential environmental impacts. This begins with providing guidance to our customers during the preparation of specific Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), assisting all involved in the project to understand the project objectives, and to allow for a collaborative approach to reducing the overall footprint.

Our Management oversee a variety of activities including:

• Environmental Aspects and Impacts Assessments
• Environmental Monitoring
• Assist customers with development of their Environmental Management Plans
• Water System Monitoring
• Waste management
• Environmental training and guidance for field personnel